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Economic value


1. 减少污泥量:因本系统完全不需添加任何化学助凝剂,因此污泥量的产生只有传统化学处理方法的一半甚至更少。

Reduce the sludge:  Because the system doesn’t  need any auxiliary coagulated chemicals , the amount of sludge will reduce 50% than the traditional ways.



2. 减少佔地面积:传统的化学加药处理方法, 需因应不同重金属採用不同的药及不同的处理方法,故需要许多的池子,若使用本系统则可统一处理, 减少池子的数量,进而使佔地面积减少一半以上。

  Decrease the using space: The traditional ways need  several pools to treat different metals and need more reaction times to oxidized COD or BOD. The new system  can treat all in 1 minute reaction time, so less space is needed.



3. 水可回收再利用:符合进流限值的废水经由本系统处理后,大部分可符合环保署最新的排放水标准,在某些例子中並可依客户要求将水处理到可回收做简单的利用。

Recycling the outflow water: Treated water can be reused and recycled



4. 不需要添加任何化学混凝、助凝药剂:本系统完全不需添加任何化学助、混凝剂,並可同时处理多种或多重种类的废水。

No chemicals addedThe system doesn’t need to add any chemicals and is capable of treating  multi- kinds of wastewater.



5. 操作简单:本系统有PLC全自动控制系统,操作人员仅需注意萤幕,系统完全自动,只需最少的人及最简单的操作,相对的可减少不必要的人事费用。

  Easy to  operate: The system contains PLC automatic controls system which makes the system easier to operate by monitoring the screen of the system.

6. 保养简单、使用寿命长:本系统仅需定时查看及更换电极板、系统有即时自动清洗系统,在正常及正确使用下寿命最少可达15年。

Easy to maintain: The system uses CIP (Clean-In-Place) and will last at least 15 years.



7. 降低操作成本:本系统的主要操作成本为电费和国标铁电极板的消耗,电费每吨水约需0.8~1.2KW (视水质而定),国标铁电极板平均每吨水约消耗 23g。

Reduce the operate cost: The  only main operation cost is for  power  and electrical blades. The electrical blades are the only consuming item.


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